DIY & a Shopping Trip

Today was busy but fun as we are heading out for vacation but I did fine time to squeeze in a quick shopping trip. check out my finds below, ringing in under $100.

Now, more importantly, a quick project for $17 ( cost of frame from IKEA). You will need…

  • A frame
  • Some type of thin paper ( I used packing paper left over from our move)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Double sided tape

Start by creating an abstract paint… I used royal blue, hunter green, yellow, white, red and bright orange and then mixed my own colors to be a little bolder.

After it has completely dried, flip over and measure 1 inch stripes across the back of the paper and cut vertically.

Tape paper strips onto the back of the frame using double sided tape and slightly over laying one on top of the other as seen here.

Place inside frame and TA DAH…instant art.  We are using ours as a message board inside our entry way door.


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